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We available in potteries from all places in Japan.

And we can ship anywhere all over the world. Please ask us any question or concerns.

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Products Introduction

・Potteries(Called Arita-yaki,Mino-yaki,Kutani-yaki,Banko-yaki,etc.)

Bowl,Plate,Platter,Earthen ware,Drinking vessel,Tea cup,Tea pot,

Soy sauce cruet,cruet,Covered vessel,etc.

Lacquer ware(Echizen-nuri),Wooden bowl,Spoon,Chopsticks,etc.


Please see below for pictures !!

Rice bowl, Tea cup,
Tea pot,Green tea set
Aritayaki Minoyaki
Small bowl, Small plate
Aritayaki Minoyaki
Large bowl, Large plate
Drinking vessel, Sake bottle, Sake cup
Aritayaki Minoyaki
Medium bowl, Medium plate
Covered vessel,
Lacquer bowl, Wooden bowl
Rice bowl  Tea cup
Drinking vessel
Small bowl  Small Plate
Medium bowl  Medium Plate
Large bowl  Large Plate
Covered vessel  Lacquer bowl
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